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Theological Analysis Of The Interpretation Of “Sons Of God” Based On Genesis 6:5 | Noya | JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS’ CONFERENCE

Theological Analysis Of The Interpretation Of “Sons Of God” Based On Genesis 6:5

Ludwig Beethoven Noya, Stimson Hutagalung, Milton Pardosi


In this research, the author examined the interpretation of “sons of God” based on Genesis 6:4. This research is based on three understandings of the phrase “sons of God” in Genesis 6:4 which are, sons of God as the angels, the inhabitants of a planet other than Earth and Heaven, and the posterity of Seth. These understandings are often misinterpreted by some people, and giving rise to theories that are contrary to the Biblical teachings. God wants His people to completely understand the Biblical teachings, so they cannot be misled by contradictory teachings. The results of the research on the interpretation of the “sons of God” in Genesis 6:4 found out that the intermarriage in Genesis 6 is between the “sons of God” who are the posterity of Seth with the “daughters of men” who are the posterity of Cain. This research also found that the meaning of “sons” in the Bible is an embodiment of nature, character, and disposition. Therefore, the terms and conditions to be called “sons of God” is to realize the nature, character, and disposition of God.


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