Code-Mixing Instruction And Vocabulary Improvement Among First Year Junior High School In Indonesia

Caroline Victorine Katemba


This study investigated the effectiveness of code-mixing instruction among First Year Junior High School at Lab-school UNAI Bandung. Thus the study intended to answer the following Question “Is code-mixing effective in improving the vocabulary ofthe participants?” To answer the question, the researcher did three major activities namely Pre-test, implementation of Code mixing Instruction and Post-test. The participants were instructed to do vocabulary test of completion and paraphrase in pre-test and post-test. Data calculated showed that pre-test has a mean of 18.52, maximum score 27, and the minimum score is 7, after the treatment, the mean of the Post-test is 22.96, and the maximum score is 30 and the minimum score is 13. The effectiveness of code-mixing instruction in improving vocabulary learning can be prove by the Gain Index score and the
mean is 4.42. From Wilcoxon test showed there was a significant difference before giving the treatment and after giving the treatment. The result showed that F observed, F critical (0,59). The t-test showed a significant difference also between pre-test and post-test. It is significant at 0,000
Keywords : Code-mixing, vocabulary, improvement

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