Spelling Ability Of The Fourth Year Students Of Teacher Education Of North Luzon Philippines State College

Novelyn Barcena


This study seeks to find out the level of spelling ability of the Fourth Year Students in Teacher Education, School Year 2012-2013. It also sought the profile of the respondents such as age, sex, civil status, high school graduated; language mostly used at home, available resources at home and social network. It was found out that most of the respondents were at age 20; most of them were girls; more than half of them were not married; most of them graduated in public school; almost all of them used Iluko language; many of them had Facebook account as their social network and many of them had Iluko Bible as their available resources used at home. Based on findings, the level of spelling ability of the students was Very Good; however they were poor in borrowed words. It was also find out that all the respondents’ profile had no significant relationship with their level of spelling ability. After analyzing the results, the following recommendations were drawn: the teaching of Iluko Orthography in their Special Topics (ST) subject was found to be effective; teachers should give importance on Iluko language as medium of instruction through simple usage in classroom situations; and the enhancement of this study is also recommended.

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