Internal Control, Ethics And Hiring Process Towards Employee Theft Prevention For Cash

Judith T. Gallena


Employee theft is rampant to companies where there is opportunity to steal pressured by the situation and triggerred by the attitude or rationalization. Employee theft (fraud) involve individuals or group of individuals dishonestly obtaining property or financial advantage by means of deception. Cash is very much prone for employee fraud since it can be easily obtained by the perpetrators. Employee theft should be prevented because it is a serious problem. Effective internal control, ethics (code of ethics), and human resource management (hiring of employees) are ways to prevent fraud. Internal controls are rules, regulations, policies and procedures set by top management to provide reasonable assurance of achieving objectives. Ethics set limits of unethical behavior and are intended to offer guidance in ambiguous situations. Human resource hires people that are skilled, competent, qualified and ethically equipped candidates.

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