Leader-Member Exchange and Its Relationship to Workplace Conflict as Mediated by Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Arlette Ufitinema, Lualhati Parulan Sausa


This study aimed to explore the relationship between leader-member exchange and workplace conflicts as mediated by organizational citizenship behaviors among private hospital workers in the Philippines. Data from 309 regular workers were collected through random sampling from conveniently selected private hospitals in the Philippines. Descriptive-correlational design was used in this study. Correlation, descriptive statistics and regression analysis were used to analyze the data. The respondents were satisfied by leader-member exchange on the leaders’ side, highly demonstrated their citizenship behaviors and perceived a low intensity of workplace conflicts. Leader-Member exchange and organizational citizenship behaviors had a significant positive relationship. However, there was no significant relationship between organizational citizenship behaviors and workplace conflicts. There was a significant negative relationship between leader-member exchange and workplace conflicts. There were significant mediating effects of organizational citizenship behaviors on the relationship between leader-member exchange and workplace interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts. There was no significant difference in workplace conflicts when age, gender, and length of work experience of respondents were considered.

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