Time Management Capabilities: A Case of the Industrial Workers of the Gulf Cogeneration Company Limited’s Clients

Damrong Sattayawaksakul, Ritha Maidom, Pimpa Cheewaprakobkit


The purpose this research was to study the time management capabilities of the industrial workers of the clients of Gulf Cogeneration Company Limited, a company located in Saraburi Province, Thailand. In addition to investigating the overall time management capabilities of the workers, the study also examined six related aspects. They were 1) the analysis of problems related to time usage, 2) the formation of realistic objectives, 3) the planning of time usage, 4) the implementation of plans, 5) the assessment of time usage, and 6) the improvement of projected time usage plans and modification of time-wasting activities. The sample of this study consisted of 53 workers from factories at Keang Khoi District of Saraburi Province. Data were collected using a survey questionnaire consisting of 56 items. Data analysis was conducted using arithmetic mean, standard deviation, t- test, one way ANOVA, and Scheffe's method. The time management capabilities of the workers were also compared by gender, age, educational level, and income. The results show that the workers of the client companies of Gulf Cogeneration Company reported a high level of capabilities in three areas: 1) overall time management, 2) the planning of time usage, and 3) the assessment of time usage. Male and female workers possessed a statistically significant difference in overall time management capabilities. However, there were no statistically significant differences in the overall time management capabilities among workers of different ages, educational levels, and income levels.

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