Modification and Configuration Settings On Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Model DJI Phantom 2 In Making First Person View Mode Feature

Oktoverano H. Lengkong


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or also called drone, is a technology that combines information about a particular location with a state-level high cruising. UAVs has many benefits in its use: in terms of defense and security can be used for Aerial Surveillance, mapping or entertainment. This research aims to develop a system called First Person View (FPV). FPV is the ability to obtain images that come directly from the camera. In this case mounted on the UAV body. Thus users can easily take Figures in the required area. FPV system development based on the Model DJI Phantom 2. It is reconstructed using the Component Based Development Model. Component-based development models is associated with object-oriented technology. This method is based on a system that has incorporated a number of existing components or systems COTS (Commercial off the shelf). Which can be obtained by buying or parts already made internally. FPV system is using wireless transmitter 5.8 GHz as a video transmitter mounted on UAV body. As a receiver using the built-in receiver that is already installed on the FPV monitor, to display the image.

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