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Effect of Nitrate Donor on Nitrate Conversio in Escherichia coli. | Suwitono | JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARS’ CONFERENCE

Effect of Nitrate Donor on Nitrate Conversio in Escherichia coli.

Marvel Reube Suwitono, Michael Tambunan, Joshua H.L. Tobing


Nitrate compound are prodrugs and required degradation to nitrite and furthermore bioactivated to nitric oxide (NO), an active beneficial form for physiological purpose e.g. on angina pectoris. Through the use of nitrate donor per oral, it was alleged that Escherichia coli, normal bacterial in the gut, decompose and reduce nitrate concentration and shows itself as chemoorganoheterotrophs organism. This research aim to investigate the role of nitrate donor compounds i.e.isosorbide dinitrate (ISDN) and natrium nitrate (NaNO3) on E.coli, in terms of concentration of nitrite as catabolism product and bacteria numbers. Six groups of nitrate donors varies in concentration (100, 500 and 1000 ppm) is dissolved in 3000 ppm glucose solution. After incubated for 24 hours Griess method is applied for measurement of nitrite concentration. Using spectrofotometric bacterial counting method, then bacteria number is obtained. The results showed that increasing nitrate concentration does not influence the growth or bacteria numbe of E. coli, but correlate with amount of nitrite formed.

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