A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of Different Orthodontic Toothbrush Designs in Removing Dental Plaque

Yasmin Buenaventura, Clara Lumban Tobing, Magda Georgetta R. Resontoc


Dental plaque among patients with orthodontic appliances is common. However, plaque removal using an ordinary toothbrush is challenging. This study therefore, aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of three different types of orthodontic toothbrushes in removing dental plaque in orthodontic patients. Thirty patients, 27 females and 3 males, were randomly assigned to three groups: Group A, B and C with corresponding toothbrushes assigned to each group. Group A was assigned Toothbrush A (V-shaped bristles), Group B, Toothbursh B (Vtrim bristles), and Group C, Toothbrush C (W-shaped bristles). These were used three times for 2 weeks. Bass method was used for brushing. Silness and Loe plaque index was used to score the plaque index for the three trials. The results were analyzed using One-way ANOVA and Tukey's Post Hoc test. All three orthodontic brushes tested were independently effective in removing plaque as manifested by decrease in mean plaque index scores. Comparing the three toothbrushes with specific designs, results showed that there were no statistical differences between the three toothbrushes when it comes to its ability to remove plaque Although post hoc analysis favors Toothbrush A as superior over Toothbrushes B and C, it was not statistically significant.

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