Correlates To Mental Health Promotion Spirituality And Life Satisfaction As A Correlates To Mental Health Promotion

Rainier C. Moreno Lacalle, Rufina C. Abul


Mental health conditions have been burgeoning over the years, crippling 450 million across the globe. For this reason, there is an imperative need to examine the extent of promotive measures and correlates to the mental health promotion interventions. This study examined the extent of implementation of mental health promotion interventions (MHPI) among nurses and the relationship between MHPI and two selected variables: degree of spirituality and life satisfaction level. The study used quantitative descriptive-correlational design. Respondents were 304 nurses employed in hospitals and city health department of Baguio City and Benguet, Philippines who were selected using quota sampling technique. The tool consisted of self-made items, have high validity (0.91) and high reliability (0.80). Adopted questionnaire are the following: Spiritual Assessment Scale by Mary Elizabeth O’Brien and the Life Satisfaction Questionnaire by VomSaal and Dauria. Data was managed using weighted means and Pearson Product Moment Correlation aided by SPSS version 20. This study ascertains the good implementation (not excellent) of MHPI. Nurses are highly spiritual and have a good satisfaction level. Degree of spirituality and life satisfaction level of nurses are strong factors to MHPI implementation. Finally, the higher the spirituality and life satisfaction the more tendencies to promote mental health.

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