The Need Of The Elderly And Their Welfare In Their Old Age In Panti Werdha Bethania Lembean Airmadidi


  • Ivanna Manoppo Universitas Klabat


The purpose of this study was to determine the needs of the elderly and their welfare in their old age. This study was conducted in one of the elderly houses in Manado, Indonesia (Panti Werdha Bethania, Lembean). This study used qualitative with case study design. The method of data gathering was through the in-depth interviews with the elderly. There were three respondents, chosen through purposive sampling. The data gathered was analyzed through recording, reduction and coding, presentation of data, conclusion and verification. The results were: the reason why the three respondents chose to stay at the elderly house was because they were treated unpleasantly by their family members through their action and their words. The two of them were already orphans since childhood, and their condition was deteriorated because of their illness. The needs of these elderly for the emotional support from the family were through routine family visit and through a harmonious family. The findings also showed the needs of the elderly from the government, such as: free medical service and to improve the efforts to protect the health of the elderly. Various support from the community to the elderly were: visit from the church members, and through the daily needs of these elderly in the elderly house given by the local community. The recommendation derived from this study was for the health care team, the family and the government, to be more aware with the needs and care for the elderly, in the effort to increase the welfare of the elderly in their old age.
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