The Evolution On Marketing Concept: Analysis On The Perspective Changes In Marketing Concept


  • Joan Yuliana Hutapea Universitas Advent Indonesia


Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to understand the evolution of marketing concept, how the perspective of marketing has changes, from its early philosophy to modern marketing concept that not only focused on the creation of products for consumers, but also giving a careful attention to other marketing factors such as: market segmentation, brand positioning, brand loyalty, internal marketing and market orientation.
Design/methodology/approach - The paper takes the form of a literature review, tracing the evolution of marketing concept, by analyzing and reviewing previous conceptual and empirical studies that related to the topic.
Findings - Marketing concept has significantly changes since the industrial revolution until today. Business initially only focused on how to create a product in high inventory levels in order to meet the needs of consumers. But along with the increase in technology, consumers knowledges, as well as the business competition that occurs from time to time, then business should be able to aggressively anticipate the dynamic changes, and come up with new and sophisticated marketing concepts to anticipate these changes. This study finds that perpective on marketing concept has been broaden, in which marketing activities were not just the creation of products and ensure the availability of products, but also have to think about market segmentation, brand positioning, how to maintain consumer confidence to the product, and how the organization should have a market oriented behavior, where customer satisfaction become the focus of the organizational activities.
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