Stakeholders’ Perception towards the Role of Secretaries in Globalization Era


  • Carmen Mandey Klabat University


This research mainly focused on the stakeholders’ perceptions of the role of secretaries in the globalization era. The objectives of this research were to find out how much the secretary was needed, the performance a secretary should have, and what competencies it was that could support the value of a secretary. This was a qualitative research that used direct observation of the respondents’ situation and in-depth interview with the respondents to collect the data. The results of the data showed the answers to the three research questions. The answer to the first research question was that the level of needs for a secretary was high; the answer to the second research question was beside mastering her role, secretaries are expected to help the manager in doing managerial tasks like a supervisor; the answer to the third research question was that a secretary should master the office technological devices, master the good way of communicating, master the English language, master the knowledge of personnel, and possess personality and good appearance. Based on the research results, the researcher can conclude that a secretary is still needed in the era of sophisticated technology like nowadays; however, only a secretary with various skills can compete and is highly needed.
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