Governing of the SDA higher education institutions in Indonesia: Problems and challenges


  • Stanley S. Nangoy Universitas Advent Indonesia


There are three SDA higher education institutions in Indonesia. All of them were built based on the distinctive characteristics of SDA philosophy of education however as time changes Indonesian SDA higher education institutions gradually shifted to the structure of the national system. Curriculum originally designed to gain accreditation by the GC-AAA status, began changing to meet the minimum requirements of the Indonesian Department of Education. Today these institutions are facing problems and challenges in dealing with policies regulating tertiary education.
The institutions’ principle of governance and policies are caught in between an idealized version of SDA denominationalism philosophy of Christian education and the government policies to regulate the country tertiary education.
This paper investigates the role of the tertiary institution board on important on three important issues: a. The roles, functions, responsibilities of the board and its members, b. Aligning church mission, visions, objectives to government regulations/restrictions and the market demand, c. Academic and finance pressures arising from the national accreditation requirements
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