Strategies of Knowing and Understanding Mathematics


  • Chiedza Musipa Asia-pacific International University


Mathematics is a subject which is imperative in every aspect of life worldwide. It is one of the main subjects that students struggle with in schools. This research was done after observing students from a wide variety of schools as well as the author’s own experience and past struggles with the subject. It precisely points out specific problems that pose a challenge on students and strategies of how to enable students to break free and achieve success in mathematics. The research is useful for a wide range of ages.
Through the years mathematics has be taught using many different textbooks most of which start with a uniform order of topics. This has done little to help students who lag behind. However, this research has an effective and unique order of only the main topics involved in the strategy. The main objective is to enable students to not only understand the subject when it is taught in their respective learning institutions, but also to enable them to implement the strategies in their self-study. This is critical as most students do not have enough time and resources to afford a professional private instructor.
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