School Leadership, Culture, Strategy And Teacher’s Working Performance


  • Joshua H. L. Tobing Universitas Advent Indonesia


This study focuses on the correlation of leadership system, school culture, management strategy, and teacher’s performance among primary and secondary school teachers at West Indonesia Union Mission (WIUM). As it is hypothesizes that teacher’s performance (dependent variable) received and perceived by teacher is affected by leadership, leadership system, school planning, relationship of teachers with leaders, school culture, communication system, school and working environment, managerial strategy, salary and allowance, and teacher training and development (independent variables). There are 362 teachers responded to the researcher made questionnaire. The questionnaire was pilot tested for validation. Cronbach’s alpha, test of reliability, shows the score value of 07878 (or 87.78% reliable). A descriptive analysis shows that teachers considered/perceived that: (1) their role in the school; (2) Culture and communication at school; (3) working environment; (4) Training and development; (5) relationship with school leader; and (6) leadership system and school planning as a strong contribution for their working performance. However the salary and allowances received have an interpretation score value of enough. The correlation analysis done on the data gathered shows that leadership system, school culture, and management strategy are correlating each other positively and significantly. Each and/or the three aspects mentioned give a positive and significant affect or contribution to the teacher’s working performance, where the combination of the three aspects give the highest or very strong effect or contribution with the score value of 113.78 (or 113.78%). In conclusion of the study, the finding shows that leadership system, school culture, and management strategy of the primary and secondary Adventist school at West Indonesia Union Mission (WIUM) affect
positively, significantly, and very strongly on the teachers in their working and teaching performance. However, the impact of salary and allowances need the attention of the school or the organization for improvement and a more positive and significant effect or contribution to teacher’s working performance.
Keywords: Leadership System, School Culture, Management Strategy, Teacher’s Performance
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