Metacognitive Strategies To Enhance Students’ Listening Comprehension Ability


  • Lowry Panggabean Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Debora Chaterin Simanjuntak Universitas Advent Indonesia


This study aims to find out the enhancement of students’ listening comprehension ability using Metacognitive strategies. It utilized experimental research design; the sample of this study were students of IPA XI from SMAN 1, Parongpong; there were 53 students involved in this study. To find out the effectiveness of Metacognitive strategies, the researchers divided the students into two classes: First class was taught using Metacognitive strategies while the second class was taught using conventional strategies. As a result of the study, there was an enhancement in students’ listening comprehension ability when taught using Metacognitive strategies. However, there was no significant different between students who were taught using Metacognitive strategies and students who were taught using conventional strategies.
Keywords : Metacognitive, listening comprehension, planning, monitoring, evaluating
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