Analysis And Design Of Alumni Information System For UNAI


  • Raymond Maulany Adventist University Of Indonesia
  • Claudia Lucie Agatha Adventist University Of Indonesia


The rapid development of technology brings great influence to the world of information at this time. Communications, information management becomes easier to do. Use of the website has been much enjoyed by all people, and the organization is one of the means to interact or obtain information easily. This convenience is required by educational institutions, which certainly can’t be separated in the management of data and information. Alumni role is crucial to the development of an educational institution. Value and quality of an educational institution is reflected through the alumni. Empowerment good alumni, alumni association which both indirectly enhance the good image of the alma mater of the general public. Similarly, the involvement of alumni in exchanging information among alumni, also at an educational institution such as a university to be one important factor for the development of the university. Adventist University of Indonesia need an information system to assist the tracking of alumni and alumni data management to be information that is needed. The purpose of this study there were 4: 1) Simplify tracking of alumni by providing web-based information systems. 2) Assist the management of data into the information needed. 3) Provide a system that can be used to distribute information such as upcoming events, job opportunities, and create an online vote to simplify the alumni in decision making in the organization. 4) Helping alumni who are away from campus to get a diploma and transcripts legalized easier. The methodology that is used in writing is the SLDC method (System Development Life Cycle). This application is expected to help the alumni and the university for tracking alumni, alumni data management, and also in the presentation and get information.
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