Effectiveness Analysis of Information System at Universitas Klabat


  • Jein Margaret Rewah Universitas Klabat
  • Steven Lolong Universitas Klabat


The Purpose of this research is to identify and measure the degree of effectiveness information system implementation at UniversitasKlabat, Airmadidi. The research was through several stages as follows: define research background and research objectives, collect the literatures to guide the research process, choose and form the model to measure the degree of effectiveness in information system, the suit research sample, and perform the data collection and analyzing the findings. The survey was conducted to sampling user of information system at UniversitasKlabat, the number of respondents was 80 persons divided by 71% lecturer and 29 % staff.Using the simple regression and multiple regression the research found that there are indication of 52.8% five dependent variables, namely: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangible significant influence to the effectiveness of UniversitasKlabat information system (SIU). Furthermore, research was found that two variables, responsiveness and tangible has most significant influence with number 44.6% and 35.2% at the SIU compared with reliability, assurance, and empathy. Thus, it can be concluded that is the two variables has the greatest influence in determining effectiveness of SIU.
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