An Application Lecturing Events Unit Based On Web Services


  • Stenly Richard Pungus Universitas Klabat
  • Dion Michael Universitas Klabat
  • Pratama Erick Universitas Klabat


Web service technology is a technology that allows devices with different platforms can communicate with each other using JSON format (Java Script Object Notation). This technology can be applied to various fields, one of them in the academic field. Students sometimes do not know about what topics will be discussed at the next meeting, and also sometimes they do not know whether there are tasks or exam given by their lecturer. The purpose of this study was to implement PHP JSON Web services technology in android devices so that students can find out in detail about what will be discussed at each meeting and learning, and also be able to know what the task given by the lecturers and when the test will be conducted. This study was prepared by the method of prototyping. This research has been done and has resulted in an application that has been tested. Applications are made to assist students in obtaining detailed information about what to do at each meeting and learning, and also provide benefits for faculty where they can assign tasks to students online.
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