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The expected usefulness of this study is 3, namely 1) Improving employee performance in carrying out tasks. 2) Saving time in searching for stored data. 3) making it more easly for employees to manage data anywhere and anytime 4) Reducing unexpected losses due to irregular data. The methodology used in this study is the SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) method which consists of five stages, among others, (1) Needs Analysis, (2) System Design, (3) Coding, (4) Testing and (5) Implementation. The research objectives are expected to produce an Employee Management System information system at PT. Asian Isuz Casting Center. From the research that has been done, the authors, the authors conclude that, ((1) Information systems are made and components are running well. (2) This system can help facilitate the creation of employee data reports at PT. AICC. (3) This information system can create data reports and data permissions. (4) This information system can display employee statistics</em></p> Ririn Rinasty Br. Sinulingga Andrew Fernando Pakpahan Copyright (c) 2020 TeIKa 2020-04-29 2020-04-29 10 01 1 14 10.36342/teika.v10i01.2252 Design of Room Reservation Web-based System At Manadia Guest House Manado https://jurnal.unai.edu/index.php/teika/article/view/2253 <p><em>The development of the technological world is currently experiencing increasingly rapid development. Information technology is no longer just a field of science but also an integral part of the world of business, industry, education and social relations. The hotel or lodging business is one of the growing businesses because it operates 24 hours a day throughout the year without exception regarding holidays. This can be one of the opportunities for the industrial world including the hotel industry to take advantage of advances in information technology by developing computerized systems that can be a means to facilitate those that hotel or lodging services. With the development of a computerized system, processes such as booking a room, providing information to consumers can be done easily. This research aims to design a room reservation system in one of the inns in the city of Manado, Manadia Guest House. The analysis and design of the system in this study uses the UML (Unified Modeling Language) approach, while the system development uses the Prototyping method. The results of this study are a computerized system designs which can be used to facilitate and improve the business processes that exist at Manadia Guest House.</em></p> Fergie Joanda Kaunang Copyright (c) 2020 TeIKa 2020-04-29 2020-04-29 10 01 15 23 10.36342/teika.v10i01.2253 Designing Attendance Reporting Systems in the Dormitory Through Whatsapp https://jurnal.unai.edu/index.php/teika/article/view/2255 <p><em>Technology of information and communication currently touches many aspects of daily human life. With the development of technology, many activities have become easier to use, record and report. Universitas Advent Indonesia is an educational institution that uses information systems for record and report in many ways, one of them is record and report of attendance activities in the dormitory. This information system can be accessed by students and also by parents/guardians. However, parents/guardians of students want to be able to access the information. Therefore the objectives of this study are (1) facilitating the delivery of attendance information to parents/guardians of inside students (2) to make efficient use of paper, and (3) eliminating distance constraints in information transmission. The conclusions of this study are (1) WhatsApp can be used for deliver the report of dormitory attendance and makes the Head of the Dormitory easier to send student attendance information to parents/guardians, (2) System provides convenience in send real-time information.</em></p> Elmor Benedict Wagiu Edrick Christian Warasiwa Copyright (c) 2020 TeIKa 2020-04-29 2020-04-29 10 01 39 48 10.36342/teika.v10i01.2255 Design of Order Form Recording Web-based Information System at PT. United Trans Perkasa https://jurnal.unai.edu/index.php/teika/article/view/2256 <p><em>The evolution of information technology greatly affects various types of jobs in this world. Business competition encourages companies to use technology for support business processes. One of the fundamental reasons for this research’s PT. United Trans Perkasa doesn’t yet have a computerized system in the company’s business processes, especially in terms of managing data orders. The purpose of this study are: (1) Makes it easier for companies to find the order data that has been recorded, (2) Makes it easier for workers to know the arrival of orders from each customer, and (3) Makes it easier for workers to send data that needs to be reported to the leadership of the company. The design of this system uses the Waterfall Method, which approaches the design process systematically, which starts at the level of system analysis, design, code, and testing. The conclusions of this study are: (1) Information system for recording the order form at PT. United Trans Perkasa is a system created to simplify work and also improve services in serving customers, (2) Information system for recording order forms at PT. United Trans Perkasa can present important data in a computerized company and also based online, so that the data can be accessed by office workers anywhere and anytime. (3) Information system for recording the order form at PT. United Trans Perkasa can also facilitate the company in checking customers who want to use company services, because this system is connected to the company's website.</em></p> Yulianus Palopak Romario S.L Tobing Copyright (c) 2020 TeIKa 2020-04-29 2020-04-29 10 01 49 58 10.36342/teika.v10i01.2256 PERANCANGAN SISTEM INFORMASI PERPUSTAKAAN BERBASIS WEB PADA SMA EFATA SOE https://jurnal.unai.edu/index.php/teika/article/view/2258 <p><em>The role of information technology has become a human need at this time. Library information system is a very important thing in the world of education because the library is a window to the world. Efata Soe High School wants to have a Web Based Library Application. The use of this technology will function as an integrated system, to provide information and support management decision making in a library.</em></p> <p><em>This web-based library application system utilizes computer hardware and software, as well as manual management model procedures and database decision making. The use of platforms makes it easy to access the system anywhere by using devices connected to the network. But in this design the new system used is in the local school network, not yet connected to the internet network. With this system, it really helps the Efata Soe High School library in managing book collections.</em></p> Raymond Maulany Nyongki Bako Copyright (c) 2020 TeIKa 2020-04-29 2020-04-29 10 01 59 68 10.36342/teika.v10i01.2258 The Design of QR Code Based Cashless Transaction System on Android Platform https://jurnal.unai.edu/index.php/teika/article/view/2254 <p><em>Nowadays the development of technology affects many aspects in life, including financial transaction. In Universitas Advent Indonesia, the payment still using conventional method alias using cash for payments. That causes some possibility of error on payments, and also the users can’t trace their payments history. The application developed is expected to become a payments alternative in campus. The application developed based on old system requirement analysis and developed using Android with PHP as a backend. The payment process is validated using QR Code, both to make transactions between sellers and users, as well as fellow users. The results of the study are a QR Code-based payment application that can run well and is tested both functionally and in appearance.</em></p> Jay Idoan Sihotang Rawlson Yoshua Limbong Copyright (c) 2020 TeIKa 2020-04-29 2020-04-29 10 01 25 37 10.36342/teika.v10i01.2254 PREDICTING STUDENT GRADE POINT AVERAGE WHO IS STUDYING WHILE WORKING AT ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY OF INDONESIA USING DECISION TREE C4.5 METHOD AND SMOTE https://jurnal.unai.edu/index.php/teika/article/view/2281 <p><em>Higher education is one way to get job easier, this thing happens because through education the individual is able to increase the level of human resources in this era. However, the high cost of education is very expensive so individuals who wants to study must also work at the same time, so this research aims to predict the student GPA who is studying while working at the same time at Adventist University of Indonesia. From the results of this research there are 8 attributes that have an effect on predicting student GPA at Adventist University of Indonesia, namely the Department of Work, Working Hours, Course, Gender, Residence, Age and Number of Credits. The method that has been used in this research is Decision Tree C4.5 implemented on the WEKA program with the J48 algorithm. This research also uses the SMOTE (Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique) algorithm to balancing the amount of data in the minor class. The top root of this research is Gender which affects the student GPA at University of Indonesia. The SMOTE algorithm in this research is useful to help raising the result of this research by 7-8% can be seen from the results of the accuracy of the cross validation 10 folds test is 63.6672%, the average result of precision and recall are 0.621 and 0.637. While the accuracy of the split test 70:30 is 62.7955%, then result of precision and recall are 0.621 and 0.628. When compared with the use of the Decision Tree C4.5 algorithm only, the accuracy of the cross validation 10 fold test is 55.5044%, with the average result of precision and recall is -.545 and 0.555. While the accuracy of the split test 70:30 is 55.2995% with the results of precision and recall is 0.554 and 0.553.</em> <em>The analysis results using confusion matrix and ROC curve with results from 0.688 to 0.756, which are in the range of 0.70 - 0.80 which is included in the level of fair classification diagnosis. It can be concluded that there is a strong effect while working on the student GPA. With the order of attributes from the top most are Gender, Total Credit, Department, Age, Department of Work, Working Hours and Residence.</em></p> Yusran Timur Samuel Chrystle Beatrix Allbright Nahuway Copyright (c) 2020 TeIKa 2020-04-29 2020-04-29 10 01 69 77 10.36342/teika.v10i01.2281