Development of Instant Sinigang Powder from Katmon Fruit (Dellenia Philippinensis)

  • Marchelita Beverly Tappy Adventist University of the Philippines
  • Sophiya Celine Dellosa Adventist University of The Philippines
  • Teejay Malabonga Adventist University of The Philippines
Keywords: Instant Sinigang Powder, Katmon Fruit (Dillenia philippinensis), Multi- Commodity Heat Pump Dryer, iFNRI


Katmon Fruit (Dillenia Philippinensis) is a fruit tree commonly use in the rural area in thePhilippines. Katmon is eaten as fruit but is not very popular because of the unacceptable tastethat resembles a green sour apple. The purpose of this study is to develop an instant sinigangpowder as a base ingredient of sinigang and using the natural sour taste for sinigang dish. Thisstudy use katmon fruit, shiitake mushroom, garlic, iodized salt, and sugar to develop an instantsinigang mix powder. It were dehydrated using the Multi-Commodity Heat Pump Dryer for 13hours. These were powdered using a grinder mixed with iodized salt and sugar. The nutrientcontent was computed using iFNRI online software. Thirty participants comprising: 10 faculty,10 dormitory students,10 senior high school students did the taste test. The results revealed thatthe product was liked very much in terms of color, texture, taste, aroma, and appearance. Theinstant sinigang powder is stored in a polyethylene metalized zip lock packaging 8.5 x 14cm.The cost per serving is PhP 37.5 It is cheaper and has more nutritional value compared to otherproducts. The study recommending for more enhancement in terms of flavour of instantsinigang powder from katmon additional ingredient from natural sources to have more tastyand more nutritional content. This study also can help future researchers to have additionalinformation about the katmon fruit.
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