Psychological Preparedness of Grade 11 Students towards Success in Senior High School


  • Belle C. Manlapig Adventist University of The Philippines


K-12, Philippines education, psychological traits


To be at par with other countries’educational system, the K to 12 launched in 2012
was fully implemented nationwide in 2016. Doubtful concerning the Senior High
psychological preparedness, researchers surveyed 121 Grade 11 students aged 1520
from two private and one public schools in Quezon City where 80 (66%) are females and 41(34%) are males representing STEM (26%), ABM (25%), TVL (23%), HUMSS (15%), SMAW (6. %), BP (3%) and GA (2%) tracks. Four dimensions: adaptability, self-efficacy, motivation, and goal-orientation were examined using 20-item four-point Likert scale at Cronbach’s alpha 0.82. Findings revealed that students possess moderate level of motivation (mean 3.37 and SD of 0.69),= adaptability (mean 3.36 and SD 0.63), goal orientation (mean 3.22 and SD 0.63) and self-efficacy (mean 3.00 and SD0.71) with overall mean 3.26 and SD 0.67. Similar results were obtained when respondents were disaggregated by track, gender and  school type however, those under TVL, male and enrolled in public were found to have the lowest self-efficacy relative to their counterpart. To raise
the level of self-efficacy, responsiveness to the students’ needs were recommended. Further studies should see whether significant differences between= groupings under track, gender, and type exist.

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