Psychological Experiences of an Individual with Bipolar Disorder: A Case Study


  • Myrtle C. Orbon Adventist University of The Philippines


bipolar disorder, case study, attachment theory, psychodynamic theory


Bipolar is one of the mood disorders. It is characterized by episodes of manic,
hypomanic and major depressive. The present study aimed to understand the
underlying psychological experiences in the development of the disorder. The
participant is a female, 51-year-old patient diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The
study used psychological tests, observations, interviews, and existing charts to
gather relevant data. The psychodynamic and attachment theory was used in
evaluating and analyzing the case. The result has shown that the patient
experienced disruption of secure attachment in her early childhood stage. She had
a pattern of unresolved feelings of dethronement, felt neglected by her father and
was abused by her mother. These experiences may have led to her insecure
attachment which presently manifests in her emotional dysregulation. The study
implies the importance of attachment experienced in the earliest years as its
outcome is extended in the present psychological domains. Further psychological
implications and recommendations are discussed.

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