Using Semiotics in the Analysis of Mixed Media Art


  • Ann Galeon Anolin Adventist University of The Philippines
  • Reuben A. Pagaduan Adventist University of The Philippines


semiotics, visual art, communication, design literacy


Semiotics in visual art communication takes the form of words, sound, scents,
flavors, actions, situations, emotions. Through signs and symbols, visual artists
communicate their message to their audience. This art based study explored the
artists’ and viewers’ perspectives. The artists, on how they use signs and symbols
in mixed media artworks to communicate their message effectively. Using
Jakobson’s (1960) theory of encoding, the artist as the addresser; the artist’s
artworks with images/symbols the signifier and its concept as the message, and the
decoding by addressee as the viewer. Data were gathered through interviews with
a selected male artist and selected audience to analyze the artist’s paintings, and
interpret meanings from what they see. The findings implied that the artist as author
can effectively use his visual rhetoric through signifiers in his work without
relinquishing his creative ideas and expressions, engaging and empowering his
viewers to interpret his message accordingly.

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Anolin, A. G., & Pagaduan, R. A. (2018). Using Semiotics in the Analysis of Mixed Media Art. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 6(1), 255.