Bioinformatics and Internet: A New Research Method to Disciplines and Information Tech


  • Jackson Niyorugira Sebigunda Central Luzon State University


bioinformatics, Internet, Internet links, searching methods, data analysis


Bioinformatics is a new and emerging branch of Biotechnology. It mainly involves the use of software to utilize information from vast biological database that is developed by experienced Biotechnologists. The paper dealt with the Bioinformatics and Internet. It introduced Bioinformatics and led to Internet and its relation to Bioinformatics. Furthermore, it discussed the various facilities and services provided by Internet for Bioinformatics. It further mentioned required resources. It also explained the links available on Internet, various products and services, and involvement of private firms. It highlighted some aspects related to techniques and tools for Bioinformatics on Internet. Moreover, it explained some searching methods and role of library and information centers regarding Bioinformatics and Internet. Based on the discussion, the researcher concluded with the idea that shows the importance of Bioinformatics on Internet, online data bases of biological sciences, World Wide Web Virtual Library of Biotechnology are our units of analysis. The analysis of this data is generating new knowledge needs to be captured. As the volume of this knowledge grows, so does the need to develop formal ways of representing this knowledge. The future holds the ever increasing dependability on information and information technology so it can be said that Internet is an efficient tool for accessing the Bio-information in the form of Bioinformatics.

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