Development of ISU FlipBoard as an Online Collaborative Tool for Teaching and Learning


  • Naomi A. Ubina Isabela State University
  • Alvin Marayag Isabela State University


collaboration, educational tool, online learning


Academic institutions can use technology to achieve better learning and teaching collaboration among students themselves and teachers to fill the gap of the traditional learning set-up and the use of Internet. The study designed and developed an online collaborative tool for teaching and learning called the ISU FlipBoard.  Specifically, it utilized the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Model as the software model, and was subjected to user-acceptance test evaluate the effectiveness in terms of usability. The RAD software model incorporated the phases of analysis and quick design; iteration process of build, demonstrate and refine; testing; implementation. After development, a survey questionnaire was distributed to 158 students and 11 teachers for the evaluation of its ease of use, appropriateness and over-all performance. Results were computed using weighted mean, frequency count, percentages and ordinal logistic regression; Likert Scale was used for the interpretation. Results revealed that the respondents find the FlipBoard to be very easy to use and its interface design to be very appropriate. For its over-all performance, faculty members gave an “average” performance rating while students perceived it to be “high” performance. The capability of students in using the WWW has an effect on the ease of use, appropriateness and over-all performance rating. At present, the FlipBoard provides class and quiz management, learning workspace for discussions and collaboration, announcements/information dissemination, class calendar (displays deadlines/events/class activities) and instructional materials available for students. The FlipBoard should be utilized by everyone in the campus incorporating suggestions given during the evaluation.

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Ubina, N. A., & Marayag, A. (2018). Development of ISU FlipBoard as an Online Collaborative Tool for Teaching and Learning. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 6(1), 161.