Service Learning Exposure in National Service Training Program: Implications to Civic Consciousness


  • Mark Vernon E. Saban Adventist University of The Philippines


civic consciousness, exposure, national service training program, service learning


The National Service Training Program (NSTP) is a civic education and defense
preparedness program for students instituted by the Philippine government by
virtue of Republic Act 9163, otherwise known as the NSTP Act of 2001. One of
the aims of NSTP is to inculcate civic consciousness among Filipino youth through
this program. However, as widely observed, not all students who completed NSTP
have imbibed such aim. The quality of program implementation could be a potential
factor which includes service learning exposure and how this is translated to
students’ sense of civic consciousness. Hence, this qualitative study aimed to
analyze the service learning exposure of NSTP students in the first semester,
academic year 2018-2019 enrolled in a private university. Anchored on Dewey and
Freire’s service-learning theory, service learning is a form of experiential
education, deeply rooted in cognitive and developmental psychology, pragmatic
philosophy, and democratic theory. Using a case study design, eight participants
were purposively sampled and interviewed in a focus group. Consequently,
interview data were transcribed and analyzed accordingly using Seidel’s (1998)
model. Findings show that participants described their service learning exposure as
something that is practical, essential, fulfilling, and a spiritual calling. Based on
these themes, implications for civic consciousness were drawn. These identified
themes imply that service learning exposure seems to awaken one’s awareness,
sensitivity, and consciousness of the needs of others; thereby seeking out for ways
to do something to contribute for the common good. This underpins the crucial role
of NSTP program towards nation building. It is recommended that further
enrichment of implementation be done to ensure sufficient service learning
exposure identified to help raise the level of civic consciousness.

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