Teachers Performance and Level of Happiness in the Mono-grade and Multi-grade Class


  • Joe-Ann B. Catanghal DepEd Division of Antique
  • Ricardo A. Catanghal Jr. University of Antique



teachers’ happiness, mono-grade, multi-grade, performance


This study determined the level of happiness and teaching performance of Monograde and Multi-grade teachers. Furthermore, the researchers explored the
relationship between happiness and performance among teachers. The subjects of the study consisted of 171 teachers across 8 towns in the province of Antique, Philippines and were selected using the multistage random sampling. The instrument used in data collection was the personal profiles of the teachers, the
Happiness Index questionnaire, and the Performance Appraisal Standard for Teachers (PAST). Results showed that in the level of happiness teachers teaching
in mono-grade had higher happiness level than multi-grade teachers. While monograde teachers had higher teaching performance than multi-grade teachers but when categorized by age, older teachers in multi-grade had a higher teaching performance. Further result of the study showed that performance was not
significantly correlated with happiness (rho = .029, p=.704). In the sources of Happiness only family (rho = .158, p = .040) and friends (rho = .166, p = .030) were
found to have significant correlation. There is a significant difference in the teaching performances of teachers teaching when classified by type of classes (U =
994.000, p = .038) using Mann-Whitney U test.

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Catanghal, J.-A. B., & Catanghal Jr., R. A. (2018). Teachers Performance and Level of Happiness in the Mono-grade and Multi-grade Class. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 6(1), 303. https://doi.org/10.35974/isc.v6i1.1306