Sustainable Development Goals: Education and its Practicality


  • Ranjith Kingston Gladstone Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies


Transformative Learning, online learning, meta-analysis, higher education students


Transformative Learning in the 21st century is more than adult education. Transformative Learning could highly be possible in comparison with online education, since there is a personal touch of the teacher. However, online learning has become an alternative in the current higher educational system. The research objective was to systematize the existing literature in the current decade (2008- 2018) on the relation between transformative learning and online learning at the micro-level. This study used meta-analysis as research method instead of using traditional literature review. Further, the study allows comparing estimate from studies focusing on transformative learning and online learning. Data are analyzed, method were identified, control variables, and/or sample selected. Additionally, it focused on two effects: the impact of transformative learning on Higher Education students and the impact of transformative learning for online learners. The findings revealed the significance of transformative learning in Online Education.

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