Guest’s Assessment on Safety and Security Measures of Beach Resorts in Nasugbu, Bata


  • Ryan Regor R. Umandal, Batangas State University ARASOF- Nasugbu
  • Nicole C. Butiong Batangas State University ARASOF- Nasugbu
  • Kimberly C. Quiñosa Batangas State University ARASOF- Nasugbu
  • Julieta G. De Castro Batangas State University ARASOF- Nasugbu


safety and security measures, tourism industry, resort management, tourists’ assessment, emergency facilities


Safety and security plays an important role in the hospitality industry under tourism. Nasugbu is one of the favorite tourists’ destinations in western part of Batangas. According to the Local Tourism of Nasugbu, tourists’ arrivals increase every year and safety and security are concerns that must be given attention. The study aimed to determine the safety and security measures implemented by the resort management and as the guests personally experienced the resort facilities, their assessments were solicited. Descriptive-survey method was employed in this study using a validated questionnaire. Four hundred participants were determined by Stratified Random Sampling. The study arrived to the following findings: most of the respondents are female, local tourists, first timers and stay for only a couple of days. The resort establishments have precautionary signs in pools and other areas while lifeguards and flotation devices are present in the establishments to monitor water activities. Emergency facilities like smoke detectors, sprinklers and fire extinguishers, generators and emergency lights are visibly installed. In case of emergencies, surveillance cameras and emergency hotlines are functional. Study revealed that the guests’ assessment on safety and security of the resort establishments in Nasugbu is Very Good. These assessments implied that resort establishments in Nasugbu, Batangas are safe to visit by the tourists.

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Umandal, R. R. R., Butiong, N. C., Quiñosa, K. C., & De Castro, J. G. (2018). Guest’s Assessment on Safety and Security Measures of Beach Resorts in Nasugbu, Bata. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 6(1), 218.