College of Computer Studies Graduate Tracer with Data Analytics


  • Michael M. Orozco University of Perpetual Help System–Biñan


website project, ISO 9126, graduate tracer, online survey, career jobs, curriculum alignment


University systems around the world are increasingly recognizing the importance of gathering information about their graduates to assess and improve institutional quality, monitor employment outcomes, adapt old, and develop new curriculum. The researcher conducted a study about web-based graduate tracer study to trace the Computer Studies alumni employment status, alignment of job, and job whereabouts, collect high rate of data collection from the alumni using an online based website. The project analyzes the alumni job employment history if aligned with the bachelor’s degree status for curriculum development and create a productive and accurate way to collect alumni whereabouts. The researcher used the descriptive research to summarize quantitative data collection using descriptive statistics and conducted survey for the selected Computer Studies alumni from 2010 to 2017. Using the applied research and development (R&D), the researcher created a website for collecting detailed data information. Based on ISO 9126 website evaluation, the criteria on portability ranked as the highest with 4.31 weighted mean, while the criteria for the efficiency of the website project ranks as the lowest with a weighted mean of 4.17. The result of the evaluation of Alumni Graduate Tracer with Data Analytics showed that the developed system has achieved its functional requirements in applying the modern way of saving information and performing analytics.

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