The Effect of Brand Image and Product Quality on Purchase Decision


  • Ernest C. Matindas Universitas Klabat
  • Indah Kurnia Beatrix Watung Universitas Klabat


brand image, moderating variable, product quality, purchase decision


This study aimed to analyze whether brand image and product quality, together, can influence purchase decision, and also whether age, gender, and level of education affected the influence of brand image and product quality toward purchase decision. This study used descriptive correlation method. The population of the study was all the young people around Airmadidi who used Samsung smartphone. Using purposive random sampling technique, there were 300 respondents as the sample of this study. The data were analyzed using multiple linear regression to see the effect of brand image and product quality on purchase decision with age, gender, and education as the moderator variables. The results showed that brand image and product quality together affect purchase decision. However, further analysis found that based on their age, the respondents above 16 years old consider product quality when making purchase decision, whereas when based on gender, both male and female respondents consider product quality in making purchase decision although male respondents also consider brand image. Lastly, when based on the level of education, the respondents in middle school are more influenced by brand image, while the respondents with high

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Matindas, E. C., & Watung, I. K. B. (2018). The Effect of Brand Image and Product Quality on Purchase Decision. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 6(1), 230.