Customer Service Satisfaction of Frontliners in a University in Cavite


  • Marta B. Macalalad Adventist University of the Philippines


customer, service, satisfaction, frontliners, university


Frontliners are people who work on the front lines of a business operation, primarily in customer service roles.  They are the first to interact with the customers and are expected to represent the face of the business. However, some fronliners are not behaving the way they are expected to behave. This study determined the customer satisfaction of the frontliners of the student finance, records and admission office, cashier, and student services office of one university and compared the satisfaction rating about the services that is provided by frontliners in the university according to their gender, age, and department. Likert-type survey questionnaires were administered to 100 students who were selected using convenience sampling. The customer satisfaction survey consisted of 20 descriptive questions using the scale strongly agree (4), agree (3), disagree (2), and strongly disagree (1). The respondents were given survey questionnaires right after they were served by frontliners of the various departments of the university. Results from the descriptive statistics revealed that the student customers were generally satisfied with the services of the frontliners of the various departments in the university. The comparison of the satisfaction by gender, age, and year in college is not significant (p > .05). Equally important in this study are the qualitative results which revealed positive and negative comments on the way the frontliners handled queries and inquiries. Areas that need improvement were identified by the respondents. Similar studies on customer service satisfaction of fronliners be conducted regularly including other service department in the university. Seminar be conducted to improve and/or maintain customer satisfaction.

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Macalalad, M. B. (2018). Customer Service Satisfaction of Frontliners in a University in Cavite. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 6(1), 231.

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