Development of Power Vegan Cupcake


  • Johnson Llagas Adventist University of The Philippines
  • John Jayson Datoy Adventist University of The Philippines
  • Patricia Dela Cerna Adventist University of The Philippines
  • Gladys Mae Laborde Adventist University of The Philippines
  • Miriam Estrada Adventist University of The Philippines
  • Maribel Balagtas Adventist University of The Philippines
  • Ruchel Oasan Adventist University of The Philippines


vegan, cupcake, product development


The objective of this study was to develop a healthy eating on the go for busy people. The Power Vegan Cupcake is a plant-based, nutrient-dense product, and is made from local plant-based ingredients. Saluyot and soymilk were used as replacements for egg and milk. Brown rice flour, muscuvado, banana, raisins, and peanuts made the cupcake a complete food. The dry ingredients were sifted and mixed. Saluyot and pandan leaves were boiled for 15 minutes and then cooled, blended, and strained. The saluyot puree and pandan juice were then mixed with the dry ingredients, soy milk, and vanilla. The batter was mixed, and raisins and banana were added. The batter was baked in an oven for 25 minutes at 200°C.  Each Power Vegan Cupcake (70g) contained 41.7g of carbohydrates, 4.7g of protein, and 3.12g of fat for a total calorie content of 198.4kcal. It also contained 28.75ug of Vitamin A, 2.4mg of Vitamin C, 50.6mg of calcium, 1.5mg of iron, 0.17mg of thiamin, 0.19mg of riboflavin, 2.93mg of niacin, and 98.7mg of phosphorus. The product was found to contain a higher amount of carbohydrates, protein, and micronutrients compared to regular cupcakes on the market. Thirty respondents, ages 18-29, evaluated the product. The results showed a rating of like very much from 63%, 53%, and 50% of the evaluators in terms of appearance, texture, and taste, respectively. Advance development of saluyot as egg substitute for strict vegetarian foods is recommended.

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Llagas, J., Datoy, J. J., Cerna, P. D., Laborde, G. M., Estrada, M., Balagtas, M., & Oasan, R. (2018). Development of Power Vegan Cupcake. 11th International Scholars Conference, 6(1), 99.

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