The Result of Stress Management Program in Freshman Nursing Students


  • Worawalun Bunluesup Asia-Pacific International University
  • Orapen Pongklum Asia-Pacific International University
  • Pannee Pakluck Asia-Pacific International University
  • Tunyawan Khuttamasoon Asia-Pacific International University


stress management program, stress, nursing students


This quasi-experimental research aimed to study stress level and the result of stress management program of freshmen nursing students. Simple random sampling technique was used to select 60 freshmen nursing students. They are divided equally into control group and intervention group. Stress management program was developed by investigators and implemented in the intervention group for 3 weeks. Stress level was assessed in both groups before and after the implementation in the intervention group by using Suanprung Stress Test-20 which is a standardized test with Cronbach’s Alpha of .87. Descriptive and Independent t-test were performed in statistical analysis. The results revealed that high level of stress in both groups (p < .05) before the intervention. However, the stress level of freshmen students who receive stress management program in the intervention group decreases (= 2.20, p < .05). These findings suggest that instructors and administrators should develop and promote mental health activities for nursing students.

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Bunluesup, W., Pongklum, O., Pakluck, P., & Khuttamasoon, T. (2018). The Result of Stress Management Program in Freshman Nursing Students. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 6(1), 113.