Human Structure vs. Organizational Structure: A Conceptual View


  • Noah `Anburaj Balraj Asia-Pacific International University
  • Ratna Ratna Asia-Pacific International University


Human structure, organizational structure, conceptual model


We investigated how established organizational structure and functions depict human structure and functions. To do so, we analyzed human anatomy and physiology to draw parallels to its structure and functions with that of organization’s structure (anatomy) and functions (physiology). All human activities reflects human thoughts and these thoughts reflect the internal configuration of organs, organ systems individually and integratively or interactively to work out the human felt intrinsic need to enable survival, growth and fruit bearing through external output manifesting structures. Organizational structure and function is a direct expression of human structure and function. The analysis of human and organization structures gives physical and cognitive insights on conceptualizing the establishment of organizational structures, which are directly proportionate to the understanding of human structure and function. We present a model of how human structure and functions are the foundation for organization structure and functions. Human structure is foundational and is superior in nature to organizational structure.

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Balraj, N. `Anburaj, & Ratna, R. (2017). Human Structure vs. Organizational Structure: A Conceptual View. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 5(1), 16.