Performances of Student- Applicants from Selected Feeder Schools in the DLSU


  • Leonor T. Amacio De La Salle University
  • Rhea R. Mateo De La Salle University
  • Edna T. Mercado De La Salle University
  • Azenith R. Mojica De La Salle University
  • Carmela Z. Reyes De La Salle University


College entrance test, DLSU-Dasmariñas, feeder high school


The research was carried out to determine the performances of student- applicants from selected Feeder High Schools in the DLSU- Dasmariñas College Entrance Test for three consecutive School Years (2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015). This study also determined the significant difference in the results of College Entrance Test (CET) based on type of school (public and private. There were 579 respondents on selected feeder schools in the college entrance examination of De La Salle University- Dasmariñas for three consecutive years. The result of the study showed that no significance differences were found in the performance of the public and private school students in mathematics, science and inductive reasoning (IR) during SY 2012-2013, and SY 2013-2014. While in SY 2014-2015 students from private feeder schools have higher performance in all areas considered in the examination than students from public schools. Moreover, result indicated that students from private schools have better performance in Mathematics during SY 2014-2015.As regards to geographic location, the result indicated that students from Bacoor schools have the same performance in English, mathematics, science, inductive reasoning (IR) and general scholastic aptitude (GSA) for the SY 2014-2015. In addition, according to the type of colleges, the (COEd) College of Education showed that there is a significant difference in the performance in English for the 3 consecutive school years. While no significant difference exists in the other subjects.

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Amacio, L. T., Mateo, R. R., Mercado, E. T., Mojica, A. R., & Reyes, C. Z. (2017). Performances of Student- Applicants from Selected Feeder Schools in the DLSU. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 5(1), 5.

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