Predictors of Organizational Innovation of Selected Hospitals in the Philippines


  • Majeed Dramani Mahama Adventist University of the Philippines
  • Lualhati Sausa Adventist University of the Philippines


Organizational innovation, mission, vision, policy


This study explored the relationship between vision, mission, policy, administrative support, customer demand, and organizational innovation in selected hospitals in the Philippines. A quantitative research study using descriptive correlation design was done in targeting 300 respondents, where 276 (92%) full-time workers that includes regular and non-regular participated by answering and returning the survey questionnaires. The descriptive statistics findings showed that the vision, mission, and policy were perceived by the respondents to be good. Respondents perceive the level of administrative support in terms of supervision, training, and accountability to be high and the hospitals’ customer demand was also perceived as high. The study also revealed that the level of organizational innovation in terms of marketing innovation, product innovation, and process innovation to be at an agree, which is translated to be high as perceived by the respondents of the hospitals. Further, the results also revealed that there is a correlation between vision (r = .418), mission (r= .352), and then policy (r=.442). There is also a positive correlation between administrative support and overall organizational. Customer demand also correlated positively with organizational innovation. The result indicates that the hospitals under study perceived innovation in their various departments to be high.

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Mahama, M. D., & Sausa, L. (2017). Predictors of Organizational Innovation of Selected Hospitals in the Philippines. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 5(1), 81.