An Importance–performance Analysis of University Food Service Facility


  • Ernest Matindas Universitas Klabat


Food service, food quality, cleanliness, price fairness, service quality


Fern Wallace Cafeteria (Dining) as one of the existing facilities at the University Klabat was required to meet students’ needs of food. Although their needs can be met, many students choose not to eat at Dining. This study investigates student’s perceptions of dining facility, using the Importance– Performance Analysis (IPA) approach, 358 research samples were randomly drawn from the total student living at dorms which were 797 students. Based on previous studies about 19 service attributes were educed and separated into five variables; food quality, service quality, atmosphere, price fairness, and convenience. The IPA shows that food quality and attitude during serving are important areas where Dining can make improvements. In addition, Cleanliness in the Dining room, nutrient content of food, price to value, close distance between Dining and dorms, and overall atmosphere appear to be key attributes for student’s satisfaction toward dining services. Overall, this study indicates that food quality, service quality and price fairness are three pivotal attributes to create satisfied students and positive post dining behavioral intentions.

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Matindas, E. (2017). An Importance–performance Analysis of University Food Service Facility. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 5(1), 90.