Parenting Pattern and Bullying Behaviors of Teenagers in Parongpong, West Java


  • Debilly Yuan Boyoh Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Suy Grace Hariati Nainggolan Universitas Advent Indonesia


Bullying, school, teenagers, character


The school that should be the place for children to obtain the knowledge and helping to shape a positive personal character turned out to actually become a growing bullying practices. This study aims to determine the relationship of the parenting pattern with bullying behavior of teenagers’ students. We utilized a descriptive correlation method. Population and sample in this research are 42 students of UNAI Lab School Junior High with total sampling. Data of parenting data and the bullying behavior of teenagers was collected using questionnaire that consisting of 13 questions and analyzed with univariate and bivariate analysis. The study indicated that parenting pattern of the participants is good and the bullying behavior of teenagers is found to be at low level. It is also found that there is no significant relationship between parenting pattern and bullying behavior of teenagers in this population with p value >0.05. Parents are suggested to pay more attention on the behavior of their children in school by maintaining constant communication with teachers regarding their children’s achievement and behavior. The school needs to be more creative in establishing school activities that will take part in building the character of the student and prevent bullying.

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Boyoh, D. Y., & Nainggolan, S. G. H. (2017). Parenting Pattern and Bullying Behaviors of Teenagers in Parongpong, West Java. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 5(1), 28.