Survey on the Teenagers Obesity at Adventist High School in Bandung


  • Sapti H. Widiyarti Universitas Advent Indonesia
  • Yvonne M. Rundengan Universitas Advent Indonesia


Obesity, body mass index, adolescence


Dewi (2007) said excess weight (overweight) and obesity (obesity) is the accumulation of excessive fat that can affect one's health. It is a chronic condition characterized by excess body fat.

The purpose of this study is to: see the description of the nutritional status of adolescence students in Adventist High School in Bandung and to analyze which of the students is the most dominant to be overweight. The method used is descriptive with Cross Sectional research design.

The Body Mass Index measures use the International Classification of adolescence underweight, overweight and obesity according to BMI, WHO (2014). The population was all Adventist High School students in Bandung, taken with a total sampling technique.

All students were measured in height and weight and then Body Index is determined.

Participants were 515 people, namely: PAB, UNAI Lab School, PASET and PACIM students..The results showed that: in the PAB there are 21.8% of obese students, Lab. School UNAI: 18.37%, the most dominant Adventist School that has overweight students are at PASET. Advice given to the Director of PASET Adventist School students that they may be given counseling about healthy lifestyle for teenagers.

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Widiyarti, S. H., & Rundengan, Y. M. (2017). Survey on the Teenagers Obesity at Adventist High School in Bandung. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 5(1), 178.