Mathematic Skill, Verbal Skill, Mathematic Achievement, and English Achievement


  • Joppi J. Rondonuwu Universitas Klabat


Verbal skill, mathematic skill, mathematic achievement, English achievement


This descriptive quantitative study was intended to analyze and describe the respondents’ description of mathematic skills, verbal skills, Mathematic and English Language achievements. This study was primarily meant to find significant difference in mathematic skills and verbal skills, Mathematic and English Language for female and male respondents. Correlations of both mathematic and verbal skills with both Mathematics and English achievements were investigated along with their effect sizes. This study investigated 90 male and 90 female students a private high school in Tomohon City. The findings showed that the students had average level of mathematic skills, average level of verbal skills, average level of Mathematic achievement and good level of English achievement. No significant difference was found in the self-description of verbal skill, self-description of mathematic skill, and their achievements in Mathematic subject for female and male students. Male students, however, had significantly higher score for their self-description of verbal skill. The students were more likely to have high scores in Mathematic subject as they gave high score on self-description of mathematic skill, even when self-description of verbal skill was controlled statistically. They were also more likely to have high score in achievement in English subject as they had high score on self- description of verbal skill verbal, even when self-description of mathematic skill was average.

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Rondonuwu, J. J. (2017). Mathematic Skill, Verbal Skill, Mathematic Achievement, and English Achievement. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 5(1), 129.