A Tracer Study to Alumni Batch 65th and 66th of Universitas Klabat


  • Fryddy Djoko Siono Universitas Klabat
  • Joula Sherly Supit Universitas Klabat



Tracer study, competency, relevancy, accreditation system


During the massification period of higher education in Indonesia, signified by the mushrooming of new higher education institutions, the attention given towards the interdependence between the vision, mission and goal of higher education and the significant industrial and corporate changes in the workplace deserves a particular and sustainable concern. One way to get information which is related to the transition from education to world of work is by carry out a tracer study. Tracer study is currently incorporated as part of higher education accreditation system in Indonesia and thus has been recently prioritized as important activity of a higher education institution. This research is an experiment to analyze several main issues, such as: a). Alumni characteristics, b). Current activities, employment and work, c). Competencies and their application, and d). Relevancies between higher education and work. This study used respondents from the alumni batch 64th and 65th of Universitas Klabat from all study programs. The data obtained are analyzed by using descriptive analysis to answer the proposed phenomenon.


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Siono, F. D., & Supit, J. S. (2017). A Tracer Study to Alumni Batch 65th and 66th of Universitas Klabat. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 5(1), 150. https://doi.org/10.35974/isc.v5i1.1563