Analysis of Information Quality at Klabat University’s Academic Information System


  • Jein M. Rewah Universitas Klabat
  • Tairas Tairas Universitas Klabat
  • Anastasya Maria Universitas Klabat


Analysis, Cobit, information quality, information system, system


Academic Information System of Klabat University (SIAU) is an information system used in Klabat University to record academic information but the information quality of SIAU has not been measure. Goal of this research is to measure and to know what variable has affected the information quality of SIAU. In measuring, researchers used six variables from Cobit 5 as independent variables and quality as dependent variable. The six independent variables are: Effectiveness, Efficiency, Confidentiality, Availability, Compliance, and Reliability. Sample of this research is students in each faculty and is done by distributing questionnaires. Researchers used SPSS version 24 to perform calculations. As result, Effectiveness doesn’t influence SIAU while the other variables influence SIAU because they have Significan smaller than 0.05. But, simultaneously of all independent variables have influenced dependent variable about 34,6%. In conclusion, simultaneously the quality of information produced by SIAU doesn’t have good quality, therefore the quality of information SIAU need to be improved and developed.

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Rewah, J. M., Tairas, T., & Maria, A. (2017). Analysis of Information Quality at Klabat University’s Academic Information System. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 5(1), 126.