A Case Study on Suicide Attempters


  • Chosen F. Belga Adventist University of The Philippines
  • Rhaya Charise D. Ramos Adventist University of The Philippines
  • Mylene S. Gumarao Adventist University of The Philippines



Suicide attempters, suicidal behaviors, recovery process


Attempted suicides among young people have been increasing in percentage. This study sought to know the reasons and cases of participants who have attempted suicide yet have not engaged in any suicidal behaviors for the past two years. The data were gathered through a structured interview and results from several standardized psychological tests. This study utilized a qualitative design using a case study method. The themes emerged on the experiences of suicide attempters are the following: (a) separation from the one they love; (b) expression of sadness through suicide; and (c) belief in suicide as the only solution to the problem. Hopelessness is the theme that emerged as the cause of attempt. It comes with three sub-themes such as: (1) broken from relationships; (2) feelings of condemnation; (3) and exposure to post-traumatic experiences. Their recovery process has been greatly influenced by strong relationship with others and God; and their commitment to live. In conclusion, suicide attempters were able to transcend into a new life determined by their new found hope and strengthened relationship with God. 

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Belga, C. F., D. Ramos, R. C., & Gumarao, M. S. (2017). A Case Study on Suicide Attempters. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 5(1), 23. https://doi.org/10.35974/isc.v5i1.1608