Providing Real Data Production Food Commodities Rice and Corn with e-Commerce Applicati


  • Reynoldus Andrias Sahulata Universitas Klabat


Real data commodities, rice, corn, national making food policy


Knowing exactly to the needs of strategic food especially rice and corn for the Indonesian people is a certainty. Because of it is necessary to provide real data in the field is obtained from the farmers as producers of food commodities both rice and corn on one side and on the other hand, the data of the purposes of food consumption both rice and corn at the national level, so that from both sides of the data may be known for sure whether the state or the government can take the policy in order to provide food for the community, so the inequality that occurred in the ministry of agriculture as take care of charged with providing food independently and with the Ministry of Trade which has a duty to provide strategic food commodities in society is not wrong to take policies that caused the different data on the same issue ie how many commodities rise and corn were produced and how much rice and corn consumption needs in the community. This study is to obtain data of rice and corn crops were obtained directly at the level of tenant farmers of corn and rice, in order to obtain real data of the output. And from the production data obtained were compared with the needs of the national rice and corn will be known whether the food availability of rice and corn sufficient or not. Thus the government can take a stance whether to import rice and corn commodities in order to meet domestic consumption or did not, because of independence provided in the country.

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