The Description of Basic Sanitation and Level of Fly Density in UNKLAB School Labor Canteen


  • Lovely G. Sepang Universitas Klabat
  • Florensia Linda Siwu Universitas Klabat


Basic sanitation, cafeteria, fly density


Canteen is a commercial business where there are commercial activities such as selling and buying foods and beverages for buyers of which the sanitary hygiene must be observed. Basic sanitation has elements such as the provision of clean water, latrines, and landfills. Fly is one of the insects that become the vector of disease spreader that must be considered its density. The sanitation and density of flies of the school canteen of Labor UNKLAB must be guarded considering the school canteen is a place of students and students as the nation's successor buy food to eat, to avoid any health problems. The purpose of this research is to know the sanitation and the level of fly density in the school canteen. The method used in this research is descriptive survey. Instrument used in this research is check list sheet and for fly density, measured by using fly grill which is placed at specified point. The result of the research is the basic sanitation of the UNKLAB School canteen already fulfill the requirement of water supply and the usage of latrine, only waste management that has not fulfilled the requirement, for the result of the flies density it has not fulfilled the requirement because of the result, where the place to cook its density of flies is high. The recommendation of this study is that there are needs to be completed with the provision of sanitation facilities, especially waste management, and it is expected that the canteen management can observe and control the fly density.

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Sepang, L. G., & Siwu, F. L. (2017). The Description of Basic Sanitation and Level of Fly Density in UNKLAB School Labor Canteen. Abstract Proceedings International Scholars Conference, 5(1), 137.