Managing Conflict amongst the People of God


  • Gerry C. Takaria Universitas Advent Indonesia


Conflict management, justice, mutual respect, biblical principles


Conflict often occurs among God's people. Disagreements among church members are common, but if the disagreement rises to contention among fellow members, even bringing fellow members to the judiciary, then that is a remarkable thing. Conflicts occur among fellow Church Council members, even among fellow Pastor. That is why the Members of the church, Assembly of the Church, and Pastor need to know the basic right to manage conflict, so that it can prevent the occurrence of even greater problems and lead to the destruction of the church. The Bible teaches Christians to manage conflicts with, 1. Looking at every conflict from side to show God's love. 2. Demands requested by the parties to the conflict must be based on justice in accordance with the will of God. 3. Each accountable for its actions in accordance with the truth of God. 4. Restoring the conflicting relationship based on mutual respect and regard the interests of God's work more important than personal interest.

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