School Identification and School Burnout Among High School Students in Faith-Based Schools in Malaysia.


  • Golden Gadoh Asia Pacific International University


School Burnout, School Identification, Faith-Based, High School


School identification is defined as the sense of belongingness in a school, which means
valuing school and school-related outcomes. Failure to identify with school relates to school
withdrawal. Therefore, studies suggest that school makes the effort in increasing student
identification. On the other hand, school burnout refers to student's fatigue due to excessive
academic demands. School burnout relates to absenteeism, low motivation, low achievement,
and school dropouts. Schools should, therefore, address school burnout for the benefit of the
students. This descriptive quantitative study aimed at analyzing and describing the school
identification and school burnout among students of two faith-based high schools in one
eastern states of Malaysia—Sabah. Correlation between school identification and school
burnout was also investigated along with their effect size. The subjects were 170 students of
Form Four and Five, who were studying in the academic year of 2019. This study employed
two research instruments. School identification was measured using Identification with
School Questionnaire (ISQ) which was developed by K. Voelkl. School burnout was
measured using School Burnout Inventory (SBI) developed by K. Salmero-Aro, N. Kiuru, E.
Leskinen, and J. Nurmi. The instruments consisted of 7 demographics and 25 Likert scale
items. Questionnaires were translated into Bahasa Melayu. For the correlation, data analysis
was conducted using Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient (Pearson’s r). Both
statistical analysis, descriptive and inferential, were processed using SPSS. The result also
supports previous findings on gender differences in school burnout and school identification.
Pearson r test on the data for student burnout and student identification suggests a negative
correlation. Findings suggested a couple of pointers at the disposal of school administration
to increase student’s school identification.

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